Wasco County.

I spent Saturday hitting up some new and some old spots in Wasco County.  Not much to say today so I'll just skip to the goods...

Western Kingbird, Celilo Park
Cliffs along Highway 206
Cliffs along Highway 206
White-throated Swift, Highway 206
Gold Stars (?), Hwy 206
Lark Sparrow, Old Moody Road
California Quail, Old Moody Road
Old Moody Road
View from Old Moody Road
Agoseris? Yellow salsify
Can't figure these out!  What are they??  Old Moody Road
Fairbanks, Oregon
Company Hollow Road field of flowers I cannot identify Western blue flax
Same flowers
Horned Lark, McCoy Road
Gray Flycatcher, Badger Creek Road (Lifer!)
Bank Swallows, Highway 197

Good times!


  1. These landscapes you're doing are badass. Well done, PDS Jen.

  2. Second Nate's emotion, except without all the coarse, offensive, and inappropriate language. Gorgeous landscapes and sweet birds too. the Horned Lark shots is especially ticklesome.

  3. Wow! Awesome pics. I really like the palette of greys and blues...pretty.

  4. Gorgeous landscapes in this post and awesome bird finds...I think the red flower is a poppy! I'm not certain on the blue ones maybe blue flax! Just guess on both tho! Love your horned lark shot...and the pooches on the rock what a family portrait!! Im heading out of town for a week starting Saturday I hope to bag a good Big Day!

  5. Superb landscapes and a cracking set of birds.

  6. The blue flower is wild blue flax, at least in S Dakota. The yellow flower after the dogs is goatsbeard or yellow salsify. It will have a huge seed "ball" like a giant dandelion after flowering. Anyway, very very nice post!

  7. GREAT shots, jeepers. Your landscape shots are STUNNING, and love the one with mutts. =)

    Pretty sure I took Amtrak through there once--BEAUTIFUL area. The poppies look kinda like a Calochortus (genus) to me, tho all the Calochortus I can find photos of have 3 petals, not 4, and the Papaver seem to have MORE than 4 & they overlap, so basically I'm not helping. =) GORgeous, though.

    And I DO love a western kingbird. Man.


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