Blog slacking.

Yeah, I've been slacking hard on the blog posting.  Thankfully you all have been making up for it!  Some of my fellow Bloggerhead Shrikes have even posted about their Birdathon adventures already!

Check out Michele's beautiful shots from her Birdathon neighborhood walk here!

And check out Rhett's awesome Birdathony day at Tryon Creek State Park here!

AND check out a brand spanking new Birdathon post from Sarah and Max here!

Go team Bloggerhead Shrikes!  I am loving the variety of birds and habitats that everyone has turned up so far! 

The last week or so I've done some long dog walks, a morning up at Larch Mountain, some camping, and a ton of yard work.  Here's what I have to show for it...

Coyote in a field along Airport Way
Bad photo of a Great Blue Heron swimming?  NE 162nd Ave Water Quality Facility
New sign at Mason Wetlands!  Yay!
Turkey Vulture, Mason Wetlands
Spooky Larch Mountain
Bald Eagle on my walk to Broughton Beach
Purple Martins, Sea Scout Base (motorless bird #115 for the year)
Mourning Dove, Broughton Beach

And a few from camping this weekend in Mount Hood National Forest, Hood River County.  Some of the best views I've ever had of Mount Hood.

Rainy Lake
Rough-skinned newt, swimming in a lake near Rainy Lake
Driving back down towards sea level

Good times! 


  1. 1. I think that newt got knocked up.
    2. I love that spooky forest photo!
    3. Thanks for the tip about Mason Wetlands. We checked it out, but didn't end up going there on Birdathon. Lots of Wood Ducks!

  2. Hi. My name is Michele and I'm a blog slacker too.

    Too much to do this time of year, huh? Pretty Hood pic and I always like the mutt photos.

  3. A very nice pair of slacks are in the mail for you. I got them at Dillard's.

    Nah nah purdy photos as always, but the angry masses will be expecting double output from you in the future. Know this.

  4. LOL the comments are hilarious! Well I've been blogging like a banshee lately!~ I dunno, I just feel like documenting my so called life sometimes...I am not throwing in the towel yet on a better Birdathon day than one ive already secured...cause I do have some plans for a day trip nearby to a hot we'll see may not pan out only time will tell! Im headed to see what the others brought back!


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