Grand Teton NP.

While staying at Yellowstone, I woke up early one morning and drove down to Grand Teton to try for a couple of birds.  The drive down was a bit nerve-wracking at times, with snow falling and occasional deer and elk lurking on the side of the road.  I made it to the top of Signal Mountain by dawn, as directed, but no Dusky Grouse were to be found.

The views were nice, though, and a Townsend's Solitaire kept me company.  I drove back down the mountain and headed south along the main road, stopping to peep on some elk.

I eventually made it to Moose-Wilson Road which is known for Great Gray Owls.  I found none, but it was a birdy road with lots of small trails and areas to explore. 

Gray Catbird

Red-naped Sapsucker nest 


 Hairy Woodpeckers

Black-headed Grosbeaks

When I drove back up the road towards the main road I found a bunch of people clearly looking at something interesting.  Moose!  This female gave the best looks while her young hid in thick brush nearby. 

That was about it for Grand Teton.  Yellowstone coming soon!