Shillapoo and more raccoons.

On Wednesday morning I took the dogs for a nice long walk along LaFrambois Road in the Shillapoo Wildlife Area in Vancouver.  I parked at the gate and walked all the way to the lake, then down the trail at the end.  Birding was decent, as were the bunnies.

Lazuli Bunting

Common Yellowthroat
Barn Swallows

Yellow Warbler

That time I took a photo of a cowbird and had no idea there was a Rufous Hummingbird in it.
Bullock's Oriole vs. Red-tailed Hawk
On this morning's dog walk we stopped by the Columbia Slough at Glass Plant Road.  The mutts were stoked to see three raccoons staring back at us as we peered down from the road. 

The raccoons moved along to an outflow pipe thing and started acting like they had crazy chin itches.  They all were rubbing their necks and chins on the rocks...

Now am I the only one seeing raccoons everywhere lately?   I saw a mom and baby racooon cross Sandy Blvd the other evening on my way home from work.  A Tri-Met bus had to slam on its brakes, but eventually they made it across.  Anyway.  Good times!!


  1. Damn, nice shot of the hummingbird. Even got the tail feathers spread.

    I have not seen a raccoon in a long time.

  2. Great birds and sightings.. Neat shots of the raccoons scratching their necks.. Happy Birding!

  3. I have coon-mares as now a big one is attacking the feeders here at home again...and on my most recent bird outing I ran into one! Cool to get 2 birds with one "shot"...had that happen yesterday too!! Must be something in the stars... I posted my pledge $$ yesterday hope you get credit for it...Im sure I messed up somehow.

    1. Ha, it looks like you did it right! Thanks!!

  4. Nice outing. You are a raccoon magnet obviously.

  5. Great photos. Those raccoon's are so cute and I love the shot of the swallows.

  6. Doh super charming, and that photo-bomgin rufous is pretty rad.


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