Yellowstone: Old Faithful & Lower Falls

Our first few nights at Yellowstone we stayed at the Old Faithful Inn (the brown building above), located next to, you guessed it, Old Faithful geyser (steaming on the left above).  The inn itself is a pretty cool building, over a hundred years old.  There were plenty of trails and boardwalks around to explore, with plenty of birds and critters to keep me entertained.

Yellow-bellied marmots

 American Dipper

 Awkward chipmunk pose

 Cassin's Finch

 Mountain Bluebird

 Old Faithful

 Solitary Geyser

 Violet-green Swallow


While staying here we did lots of little trips to other spots around the southern part of the park, like the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River.  This area is called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and like the real Grand Canyon, it feels a bit surreal when you're looking at it.

View from the top of Lower Falls

 Lower Falls
Stairs down to a viewing deck at Lower Falls

 On the drive back to Old Faithful we stopped to peep on some bison families...

And one last one from a drive-by another day:

Good times!  More to come.


  1. Nice marmot.

    Also, super jealous of the VGSW looks.

    1. I am both happy, and sad, to see someone beat me to the reference. Hat tip sir.

    2. Hahaha. Glad it didn't go to waste.

    3. Freakin dudes and their love of the dude. Insert eye roll here.

    4. This is what happens when you find a Marmot in the Alps.

  2. Hi Jen. I have often read about this location but great to see the varied wildlife thro' your eyes.

  3. Magnificent place. It's on my to-do list! Great pictures.

  4. Gorgeous. Did you have the guts to drink the water though???

  5. I love Yellowstone, wonderful photos of Old Faithful and the cute critters.. The birds are awesome.. Happy Birding!

  6. I just looked at all your Flickr photos. I want to go there so bad!! It seems like there are very few people there too. You must have beat the summer crowds. So cool.

    1. I have tons more to put on Flickr, I'm only about halfway done I think. I like that I gave you the impression that there were very few people. There were actually TONS of people, made me almost hate Yellowstone...

  7. Oh Im going to Flickr to see the rest...Im in love with that VGSW myself!!


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