Clark County.

This week I hit up Ridgefield and the other Larch Mountain to see what was going on.  Ridgefield was a let down, as the grass and teasel is so overgrown that trying to view any shorebird sites is impossible.  Also I saw no coot babies.  What good is Ridgefield in July if there are no coot babies?  I recall seeing exactly one coot.  Wtf.

There were some young Pied-billed Grebes that almost made up for it.  But they were losing their zebra stripes already...

Want to know how boring Ridgefield was?  Here:

Yeah.  I took photos of geese.  Rough day.  Larch Mountain (the OTHER Larch Mountain, that is) was more interesting.  I had only been up there once before in the winter and it was rainy and foggy.  Ok so it was still a bit foggy.

I walked the dogs around this clearcut area off L-1400 for awhile.  Many warbler songs were heard, none of which I felt confident enough to slap an ID on without getting a visual.  They were mostly in the Hermit-ish, Townsends-ish realm.  Thankfully other birds were not so secretive.

 Spotted Towhee

Band-tailed Pigeon sounds add an extra eerie quality to foggy forests. 

When I got back to the car to head to the next stop I found this:

SERIOUSLY?  Apparently I was supposed to display a Discover Pass here.  I have a Discover Pass in my glove box.  Perhaps they will use my benjamin to buy some signs to actually tell people where they need to display their Discover Passes. 

Ugh.  Anyway.  I dug out my pass after this incident and displayed it at future stops. 

Western Tanager

 MacGillivray's Warbler

 Busted Steller's Jay

 Willow Flycatcher with a sick view

 Turkey Vulture doing epic poses

 Bad photo of a Pine Siskin.  First one I've seen all year.  Wild.

 Mount St. Helens with Mount Rainier peeking out on the right

Mount Rainier from a different viewpoint

Good times except for the ticket!