Random stuff since Yellowstone.

The title says it all.  Here's some of what I've seen since I've been back...

Western Scrub-Jay, Force Lake

Chipmunk, Mount Hood NF

Williamson's Sapsucker, Mount Hood NF

 Lazuli Bunting, Mount Hood NF

White pollen skyrocket, Mount Hood NF

 Alfred West, 1910-1986, Mount Hood NF

Hairy Woodpecker, Mount Hood NF

Name that fish!  Columbia River, Portland

Battery Russell, Fort Stevens SP

Turkey Vultures, Fort Stevens SP

Caspian Tern, Fort Stevens SP

And lastly, this terrible shot of a steady stream of cormorants:

Why am I including this stupid photo?  Because these cormorants are most likely coming from or going to a major Double-crested Cormorant nesting site on nearby East Sand Island.   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning to slaughter thousands and thousands of these cormorants because of the fish these birds are thriving on.  The local Audubon Society of Portland has posted an Action alert about this issue on their website here.   Check it out.  Write an email if you feel inclined.  There's a public meeting about it on July 10th at the Dishman Community Center. 

Good times!


  1. omg thats awful...about the cormorants...great shot of the sapsucker all spread out.

  2. Nice tern photo! I hope to get up to the Mt. Hood area and the coast soon for some day trips. It's nice to get out of the county now and then ;)

  3. My guess is that the Osprey caught a largescale sucker. Nice work, Osprey!


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