I went on a couple of missions up to the mountains the last couple days, not always with the goal of birding, but they're there whether you're lookin for 'em or not.  In the Mount Hood National Forest I took a little walk with the mutts on Dead Point Road...

Common Nighthawk

 Young MacGillivray's Warbler

Young Black-throated Gray Warbler

Cedar Waxwings

Yesterday morning I went out to the coast range to look for the Mountain Quail Michele saw the other day.  I'm pretty sure I had some in the low shrubs, but they never made themselves available for visual identification.  Jerks. 

On the drive up I stopped to check out a rabbit.  I know little about rabbit identification and, until just now reading through my mammal guide, I didn't even know what rabbits we had in Oregon.  This rabbit had me curious because it lacked a white tail unlike most rabbits I see.

I thought maybe brush rabbit, but the black-tipped ears fits better with varying (snowshoe) hare.  Rabbit nerds?

Only butt shot I got.

Wilson's Warbler

 Douglas squirrel chowing down on maple seeds

It was a beautiful morning, even if I didn't get to see the quail.  I'll try again soon. 

Back on the home front, I had a banded Cooper's Hawk visit my yard Sunday morning.  The neighbor's cat was in the yard at the same time as the hawk, showing some nice direct competition between native and nonnative predators. 

Good times!