Trail cam.

On Sunday morning I drove back out to the quail spot to pick up my trail cam.  Thankfully it was right where I left it and I drove it back home to see what I caught. 

Bobcat!  And a cropped version:

That's the only thing I caught, which was surprising with the amount of deer tracks and coyote scat along the road.

Now taking suggestions as to where I should set it up next!


  1. Your voyeurism is really getting out of control there Jen. Do you have people friends?
    Nonetheless, this is pretty stunning. I've never seen a Robert Cat in the wild.

    There any good places for Bear in your area?

    1. Yeah, now is a good time too, with all the ripe berries around. Good call.

  2. Today I pulled over to look at a dead grouse on the side of the road. Turns out it was a huge pile of grouse-patterned bear shit.


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