Westmoreland, Whitaker, Ridgefield.

Portland is currently experiencing an absolutely insane wind storm.  Almost half of my huge old ash tree has come crashing down onto my fence (thankfully not my house), and with every new gust rattling the windows my stress level increases.  Somehow I still have power so why not blog my way through the anxiety...

This is the new walkway at the recently transformed Westmoreland Park.  This used to be THE gull spot in Portland, as well as THE spot for Eurasian Wigeon.  Not anymore.  I can't complain about the changes because they're all for the better with the creek channel restored and new native plants all around.

 Northern Shoveler

 The happiest American Wigeon ever

Cooper's Hawk dining on pigeon

Hooded Mergansers

On Monday I walked to Whitaker Ponds in hopes of finding an owl for my motorless list.  No dice.  But there was a nice pile of geese representing various subspecies I would like to someday understand.  Was planning to do some studying on that this evening, but I am still too frazzled from the storm. 

This morning I went up to Ridgefield for a bit where things were pretty dang uneventful.

 The ultimate uneventful Ridgefield photo (though Great Blue Heron would also be acceptable)

The only event worth mentioning was my crushing of a Northern Pintail.  This is not something that occurs frequently, so I was pleased.

Now back to stressing over the storm, which has thankfully died down quite a bit since I started this post.  Good times.


  1. Northern Pintail is the Ferrari of ducks. Great shot!

  2. Im drooling over that pintail! So sorry bout your fence Im always in storm debris removal mode since we have zillions of trees, but its never a good thing!! Glad its over with I did see it on the news and hoped you came thru unscathed.

  3. Yes, that Pintail shot is a keeper!

  4. When there is naught else to do, crush birds and show crushes of birds and crush on birds and be crushed by birds...instead of tree branches.


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