Washington County.

Oregon's Washington County is home to all sorts of great birding spots, though in recent years most of my time there has been spent cursing the lack of Mountain Quail and/or stuck in Highway 26 traffic.  Now that I work there I figured I should start getting more familiar with the local hot spots and beef my up my county list.  Yesterday I left for work early to fit in a couple stops, starting with the Milne/Harrington Road area of Cornelius.

There's an abandoned house hosting a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker for the second winter in a row here.  I looked for the bird once last winter, but I realize now I was looking on the wrong side of the house.  Also, I didn't realize it was abandoned so I was being careful not to creep for too long.

Incorrect side of the house

Correct side of the house

A Rough-legged Hawk was reported in the area as well, so I cruised around checking the foggy fields.

Eventually I found the bird posing way out on a fence with a couple of Red-taileds.

On the other side of the road a harrier kept making a move like she wanted to poop, but nothing was coming out.

Worst feeling.  I headed back towards Beaverton after this to visit a place I had only heard about, the small but birdy Commonwealth Lake Park. 

It's basically a neighborhood duck pond, and that's not a bad thing.  Sometimes it's nice to just look at ducks close up.  I had been meaning to get to Crystal Springs for my fix, but Commonwealth Lake served me well.

So pretty, so mucky. 

This Gadwall was determined to rob this wigeon of his vegetation.  Not determined enough.

Classic wigeon eyeroll.  I could anthropomorphize more here, but some people are sensitive about that sort of thing. 

 More Gadwalls because I can. 

But wait.  This lake was not just all ducks all the time.

Boom.  Kingfisher.  

Stoked to see a tame-ish Green Heron.  

 Panting roof heron, showing some tongue. 

My early morning venture into the county was successful.  Three new county birds including everyone's favorite, the elusive and magical House Sparrow.  Woohoo.  Good times!