More wildflowers and pretty crap.

Yesterday I went back out to the gorge with Christian to drool over more wildflowers.  We hiked up Marsh Hill from the Memaloose Viewpoint, and to McCall Point at Rowena Crest.  There was never a point where things weren't ridiculously pretty.

 Paintbrush and lupine

I don't know what these little seed pod things are but they're so cool-looking:

There are several kinds of desert parsley around, from what I understand, and they all smell delicious.  My sweatshirt pocket became filled with little pieces so I could keep smelling it.

 Blue-eyed mary

Agoseris or hawksbeard?  I am confused. 

Checker lily, I think

The top of Marsh Hill is just a huge field of balsamroot.  It's disgusting.

Christian had to stop and puke because it was so gross. 

 I was psyched to see a Western Kingbird actively fly-catching from one of the oaks at the top.  First one of the year.

The view from Marsh Hill:

On our way from Memaloose to Rowena Crest we stopped along a gravel road where there was some of this awesome camas (camassia leichtlinii?) blooming:

The view from the beginning of the trail at Rowena Crest:

If I had gone a little farther with the panorama you could have seen McCall Point, but here it is, the highest point in this photo:

 Oaks toothwort

Pee spot view, complete with Red-tailed Hawk

Columbia River view

 Gold stars

View from the top:

 Something peavine-related

 The hike back down was kind of awesome. 

 Alright.  That's it.  Good times!


  1. Every single damn year I tell myself I need to get out there to see those wildflowers. And do I ever go?! I am so lame. I love all your photos. You need to start a hashtag for pee spots. Or a flickr photo gallery?

    1. I'm pretty sure you have a weekend coming up, you should get out there! You and your hashtags..

  2. Hella scenic. Almost brutally so compared to what I've been looking at lately.

    I always thought you might be a parsley-sniffer...

  3. Nice. I'd say your seed pod thing is Thysanocarpus curvipes, called Fringe Pod. And agree on the Checkerlily. Looks like Fritillaria affinis.

  4. Great pictures of the early spring - I am waiting for it to happen here.

  5. I love that hike so much. I love the vultures at eye level and the kingbirds and the unreal view.

  6. SOOO many pretty things! Spring is bursting out all over there!


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