More wildflowers and pretty crap.

Yesterday I went back out to the gorge to drool over more wildflowers.  I hiked up Marsh Hill from the Memaloose Viewpoint, and to McCall Point at Rowena Crest.  There was never a point where things weren't ridiculously pretty.

 Paintbrush and lupine

I don't know what these little seed pod things are but they're so cool-looking:

There are several kinds of desert parsley around, from what I understand, and they all smell delicious.  My sweatshirt pocket became filled with little pieces so I could keep smelling it.

 Blue-eyed mary

Agoseris or hawksbeard?  I am confused. 

Checker lily, I think

The top of Marsh Hill is just a huge field of balsamroot.

 I was psyched to see a Western Kingbird actively fly-catching from one of the oaks at the top.  First one of the year.

The view from Marsh Hill:

On our my from Memaloose to Rowena Crest I stopped along a gravel road where there was some of this awesome camas (camassia leichtlinii?) blooming:

The view from the beginning of the trail at Rowena Crest:

If I had gone a little farther with the panorama you could have seen McCall Point, but here it is, the highest point in this photo:

 Oaks toothwort

Pee spot view, complete with Red-tailed Hawk

Columbia River view

 Gold stars

View from the top:

 Something peavine-related

 The hike back down was kind of awesome.

 Alright.  That's it.  Good times!


  1. Every single damn year I tell myself I need to get out there to see those wildflowers. And do I ever go?! I am so lame. I love all your photos. You need to start a hashtag for pee spots. Or a flickr photo gallery?

    1. I'm pretty sure you have a weekend coming up, you should get out there! You and your hashtags..

  2. Hella scenic. Almost brutally so compared to what I've been looking at lately.

    I always thought you might be a parsley-sniffer...

  3. Nice. I'd say your seed pod thing is Thysanocarpus curvipes, called Fringe Pod. And agree on the Checkerlily. Looks like Fritillaria affinis.

  4. Great pictures of the early spring - I am waiting for it to happen here.

  5. I love that hike so much. I love the vultures at eye level and the kingbirds and the unreal view.

  6. SOOO many pretty things! Spring is bursting out all over there!


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