This week's birds.

More yard siskins!

Whoa whoa wait a minute, don't quit reading yet.  I KNOW you don't care about my yard siskins but hang on a second.  Last week they were eating so much I was planning to pull my feeders till they left, but then Monday morning I realized I was feeding more than siskins...

Who done it?

My local Merlin!  I missed the Merlin flying in but I got to see it on the ground here and then tear off with a siskin in its talons. 

Conclusion:  It is worth feeding the siskins after all.

Anyway.  Wednesday morning I decided to walk to Broughton Beach in hopes of picking up some motorless birds for the year.   There's a lot of good potential for semi-rarities this time of year on the river: little loons, odd cormorants, scoters, grebes, etc.  And I saw none of them!

Dunlin is a nice bird for Broughton Beach, but one I had managed to see in the spring already.

Mew Gulls are back, making Texans jealous.

The Horned Lark flock is going strong and on this visit I noticed one with leg bands for the first time this year.  This is not that bird:

While trying to creep closer to the larks without flushing them to get a photo of the banded bird I heard something behind me on the river.  I turned around and boom!  Tundra Swans!

Tundra Swans are not rare birds but they are far more likely on the west side, or even Smith & Bybee Lakes.  A new Broughton Beach bird for me!  And a motorless life bird!  And motorless year bird #132 #133!  Lists lists lists!

On the walk home pipits were posing on the rocks along the bike path.

At some point I realized that the Western Meadowlarks I had seen earlier were also motorless year birds (#131 #132), making this long walk really worthwhile.

Back on the home front I have become a crazy hummingbird lady.  I even put up a second feeder to try to reduce fighting.  One day I had three on a feeder at once, a new record, with two more nearby.  I find this delightful.

This dude is in charge. 

Ok, I will shut up about yard birds now.  But oh wait, I have a yard mammal to share...

On Halloween morning I let the dogs outside and when they did not return I went to investigate.  Jake was sniffing and jumping back from this possum which I thought was dead till I noticed it was breathing.  Brought the dogs inside and an hour later when I checked it was gone.  I had no idea just how well they played dead!

That's all I got.  Good times!


  1. That possum looks DEAD for sure--glad he wasn't...NICE yard birds too and wow the Merlin!! Did you hear the wing beat on those swans? Im still scratching my head on a few birds I photo'd if you get bored take a look..I sent a share via flickr.

    1. Yeah, I was not excited about the idea of a dead possum in the yard..

  2. I really like that Horned Lark shot. Get that local shit.

  3. Crazy Hummingbird Lady, do you have them named yet? Get a Jewel Box. I *love* mine!

    1. Well, there's a super yellowy golden female that I was calling something but I can't remember what now. Maybe I'll try a jewel box soon, these turds can barely share the two.

  4. Yeah, never get down about the hoards of common stuff gobbling up the food. As you found out, it's never a waste as it brings in something even better. I hated the throngs of Redpolls that put me in the poor house two years ago (now I miss them), but I got a couple Northern Shrike visits out of the deal.

    1. Damn, I can't even imagine throngs of redpolls having never seen a single one... And shrike visits? Badass.

  5. Yep. Fuck you and your Mew Gull. Fuck Katy Perry too. Fuck the whole lot of you.

    1. It's always a pleasure when you visit my blog, Nate. Thanks for the kind words. Cheers!


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