A Burrowing Owl.

There it is, the local celebrity Burrowing Owl, standing guard in the pouring rain on Easter Sunday at Steigerwald Lake NWR.  It was my second attempt to see it, and I think the rain/thunder/hail really helped.  For the most part the bird did not pay attention to me or the mutts.  The sun came out for about 45 seconds during which the owl coughed up a pellet.

In other news, I have a new blog!  It has nothing to do with birding whatsoever, but it might interest you anyway, especially if you live in Portland.  In 2002 I bought a couple old diaries at a thrift store, packed with entries by a young woman attending Reed College in SE Portland in the 1930's.  I'm slowly typing up all the entries and will be donating the diaries to the Reed special collections library when I'm done.  Check it out here.

There is also a FB page where some folks have added info and thoughts.

On Thursday I took the dogs on a very long walk to Mason Wetlands to get some motorless birds, and in the afternoon went out to the gorge to check out wildflowers.  I walked the trail up to Marsh Hill from the Memaloose Viewpoint which is far less crowded than other spots and packed with flowers.

 A few grass widows are still kickin

 More shooting stars than I've seen here before

 Fawn lilies

 Blue-eyed Mary must be at its peak

I had the top of the hill to myself (well, and a raven).  Photos taken here prove how badly I need to take my camera in for a cleaning.  Sigh.

That's all for today.  Good times!


  1. COOL OWL! A burrowing was reported at Wrightsville Beach in NC they said he was nesting in the jetty rocks I wanna go see for my self but lately no reports on ebird...so I guess he left. Awesome wildflowers & Im curious about the dairy.


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