Begin means end.

Yesterday was my last birding outing of the year at Broughton Beach with my friend Jacob.  We missed our target bird but it was so damn pleasant regardless.  Peaceful even.  The river was calm and the clouds were doing the right things.

This year I have learned that many of my favorite birding experiences are those closest to home, on days when things feel peaceful and mellow.   Unhurried outings with time to poke and inspect every little thing.  Wanders, you might call them. 

 A yellow-rump takes time to ponder the new year

This year has been about meeting new people, something I had never actively attempted before.  There are some badass folks in our Portland birding community and I am so grateful I've had chance to bird with (and drink beers with) so many of them this year. 

Goldeneyes in the loveliness

A year ago things were so different for me;  I was quite unhappy and completely unaware of that fact.  Thankfully a January trip to Mexico with four awesome nerds woke me up and I was able to get my shit together when I returned home.  I took the year off from dating.  I went on adventures with strangers.  I reconnected with old friends and made so many new ones.  There is much work to do still, but I feel good. 

Till next year, I will leave you with another little slice of peacefulness and hope...

"It's a new year, with it comes new hope and new fears.  Met a young man who was in tears, he asked me, 'What induces us to stay here?'  I said, 'I don't know much and I'm not lying, but I think you just have to keep on trying.'"



  1. Holy crap, did Birds & Beers just start this year? I feel like I've known everyone for ages! If it weren't for you and Sarah organizing our meetups we'd still be wondering how to meet people in Oregon. Here's to more good things in 2017!

    1. I'm glad it's all worked out so well! Cheers!

  2. Right on Jen. It does sound like you're moving into the 'Hobbit' stage of adventuring, but this is well and goodly.

    I would like to go on record and say that like 2 years ago when the Hipster Birders were road-tripping to OR from Savannah I too them to get in touch with you and that you all would be besties. I would like a 5% match-making gratuity please.

    Happy New Year; Happy 'sploring

  3. Sounds like you are on the right track!! Can't wait for your 5 MR challenge! Happy New Yr!

  4. I want to give this post a hug. Then I want to help you destroy the big day competition this weekend.

  5. This is great. You're a great person. I'm appreciative that we're great friends. Now get ready because I'm going to beat your ass back to the east coast this weekend.

    'I may try and if I fall, I'll pick myself up again!"

    1. Beat my ass back to the east coast? That's your threat? Come on.

      Everyone loves an avail reference.

  6. And so after a trip to Mexico, Flycatcher Jen molted into Social Flycatcher Jen. Really glad you could join in on the ridicness and could see a Red-breasted Chat while I helplessly stood by.

    1. That bird was a looker. You should have looked at it.


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