Clark County.

Last week Jacob and I went up to Ridgefield to look for a reported Harris's Sparrow in the rain.  He found it easily. 

Yesss!  This was Clark County bird #200 for me, and Jacob's life bird #299.  Exciting numbers. 

The sparrow was hanging out with mostly Golden-crowneds but also this funky Purple Finch:

There were other fun birds around like a flock of 50 Wilson's Snipes and this sneaky American Bittern.

We saw some geese fly and I noticed one had a red neck band.  I took a ton of photos of it with hopes of being able to read the band.  Success! 

Another photo showed the rest of the code and I sent it off to the Bird Banding Lab that day.  By evening I had details on the bird (so much faster than they used to be!).

At least 8 years old!  Pretty cool. 

After Ridgefield I asked if we could make a stop on the way home and Jacob agreed despite being super sick.  I had snooped in his eBird account and saw he needed a couple birds for the county that were at Vancouver Lake.  We only found one, a Western Grebe.  I took the long way back along Old Lower River Road to scan the Cackling Goose flocks for rarities.  I had been thinking Brant, but instead we found a Ross's Goose!

After about fifteen minutes of watching it they all took flight.

Such a great bird for Jacob's 300th!  Yay! 

The next day we were out running errands and I suggested a stop at Wintler Park to see if goldeneyes had returned.  Indeed they had, and at least one male Barrow's was in the mix. 

Broughton Beach background

I think this was a 5MR year bird for me but not sure because eBird is down for maintenance.

Oh!  Since this is a Clark County post I just remembered some photos of squirrels I took at Jacob's house last month.  There were a couple interacting that I assume were mother/baby but they kept licking each other and running around like crazy.  It went on for hours.

 Secret handshake

 Feed me.

Squirrels are weird.  Good times!!