January 5MR Highlights

January is almost over and 5MR mania is starting to mellow out a bit.  Several folks have even dropped out of the 2019 challenge, though there are still 199 going strong.  It's been fun to find some new and old bird blogs talking about the idea so I'm sharing those with you here.  If I missed any let me know!

Hutton's Vireo, David Douglas Park

 Let's start with the local Portland metro area birding scene.  Eric, the bluebird guy, has taken on his 5MR by bike only.  Read about his adventures here and here.

Red-winged Blackbird with floof, Meadowbrook Marsh

Portlander Audrey has also been killing it with her 5MR.

Nobody wants a 5MR nutria, Columbia Springs Fish Hatchery

The east coast is being represented by several 5MR birder bloggers including Laurence and Jamie in North Carolina, and Sondra in South Carolina.

Everybody wants a 5MR ensatina!  Columbia Springs Fish Hatchery

California 5MR coverage has been strong since the beginning, especially with the endorsement of Seagull Steve.

Fox Sparrow, Evergreen Highway ponds

The 5MR has midwest blog representation in Indiana thanks to Greg who is currently knitting a sweater for the screech-owl in his yard.  Or so I hope.

Varied Thrush, David Douglas Park

There's also a Wisconsin blogger trying out a 5MR by bike only.  Though probably not during the polar vortex.

Wormy and Ring-billed Gull, Wy'east Middle School

 Back to Oregon, 5MRs have stretched down the Willamette Valley where another bird blogger has you covered.

Lady Green-winged and Cinnamon Teals attached at the butt, Meadowbrook Marsh

Of course, the 5MR that really makes every single other 5MR birder at least mildly jealous is Emma's in Australia.  Plus it's summer there now and everyone else is cold.

Yard Sharpie

That about covers all things 5MR for now.  Oh except the January Bar Chart Challenge!  I've been having so much fun with it that I'm probably going to work on bar charts all year.  The February Challenge will be announced in Friday's email so stay tuned.

Good times and happy 5MR-ing!!

***Since posting this blog I have learned of a ton more so I'm adding them below***

Kyle in New Hampshire/Massachusetts

Carol in California

Devon in California

Louise in Rhode Island

Forest in Washington D.C.

Josh in California

 Happy blogging!


  1. I'll be keeping track on my blog here!

  2. Thanks for compiling Jen.
    How shameful and wonderful to see so many birders and bloggers out there!!

    P.S. my phone autocorrects ‘birders’ to ‘borders’.
    Anybody else?
    Why? How does that make more sense?

  3. Thanks for the shout out and for putting these all together! Though not sure how I'll keep up with all this additional birding blogs *and* actual birding!!

  4. Your 5MR efforts got a mention recently on the San Diego Bird list (which is not a general birding discussion list).

    1. There was a big 5MR competition in LA County last year so not surprising it made it to San Diego. That's cool!

  5. Thanks for the feature! I am honored to be nestled between Fox Sparrow and Varied Thrush. This post means I will be a lot less productive today.

    1. While you're busy being unproductive could you also maybe make a live feed of the inside of your owl box?

    2. This was 100% discussed and considered at my house. Unfortunately, the only thing it would be showing this week are squirrels and starlings :(

  6. I was sure I left a comment but I probably forgot to hit publish...It was such a fun month thank you for getting us all out there!

  7. Man I am just catching up on all this 5MR stuff after not being able to bird much at all in February. Thanks for the shout-out Jen! Looking forward to more 5MR birding (and social media connections and fun) in the year ahead.


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