5MR bird kids and more.

I'm supposed to be packing for a flight in a few hours but I wanted to share some recent 5MR sightings with y'all real quick.  No time for talk, here are the goods as the title promised.

Bird kids:

Emo Mallard duckling, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

Young Song Sparrow, Tidewater Cove

Young Dark-eyed Junco in the yard

Brewer's Blackbird family in the yard

Young Robin, David Douglas Park

Canada Goose family, Marine Park

 Lesser Goldfinch family, Marine Park

 House Sparrow kid in the yard

 Downy Woodpecker kid, Meadowbrook Marsh

California Scrub-Jay child, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

 Red-tailed Hawk family, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

And more:

Spotted Towhee, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

 Long-tailed weasel (!!!!), Tidewater Cove

 Black-capped Chickadee in the yard

Cooper's Hawk, Wintler Park

Lazuli Bunting, Burnt Bridge Creek at NE 147th Ave

 MODO wink, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

 Willow Flycatcher, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

Band-tailed Pigeon (only 2nd time I've seen one in my 5MR!), Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

Ok, I think that's a good sampling of what's been going on close to my home.  Good times!!!


  1. OH hope the flight is something you will be sharing...these photos do speak for themselves...the new generation of birds for us to enjoy and protect is already out there living the life! Safe Travels! Love your weasel shot!

    1. Thanks, Sondra! Yes the next generation is here and they want food now!

  2. Cute babies!

    Also cute weasel! Are they native?

  3. That WIFL shot is ace. Also dig the MODO blue-green eyelid immensely.

    Bring on the Vermont posts!

    1. Not all birds rock natural eye shadow. Vermont has been brought.

    2. So sweet a shot of the Willow!!


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