June birds

It's been another long emotional month in 2020.  I have barely blogged because really I don't know what to say beyond the obvious (or what should be obvious):  Black lives matter and wear a fucking mask. 

Our Lincoln City neighbors

At least there are still birds to look at.  At the beginning of June a Glaucous Gull was still lingering on the beach here despite everyone celebrating the reopening of the beaches.

'mericans love driving on the beach

Baby birds have been happening this month, starting with baby robins.

West Devils Lake Road

Young Hairy Woodpeckers have been around the neighborhood and our yard.

West Devils Lake boardwalk

Dad was always leading the young male around (backyard)

A couple times this month I had to return to Vancouver for vet appointments for the mutts.  On one occasion I went birding at the end of Lower River Road and heard a young Great Horned talking. I was looking up at it when I stumbled upon its parent feeding on a dead rabbit on the ground.

One morning I opened the blinds in Lincoln City to find a Virginia tiger moth staring back at me. Very cute.

Another morning I looked outside and saw a Willow Flycatcher flying around the backyard.  Super weird yard bird, possibly attracted by the new water feature Jacob built.

In case you are curious, here is said water feature in its current state:

More rocks and plants to be added but so far the birds like it.

Later that day I went over to the Lincoln City sewage ponds where the most exciting thing was a nest full of baby Black Phoebes.

The parents were hanging out nearby.

Waterfowl was limited to the most common birds and their kids.

A flyover Peregrine was nice, along with my county year Red-shouldered Hawk.

I checked the phoebe nest on my way out and it was cuter.

The yard has been stuffed with young chickadees and nuthatches this month.

The Violet-green Swallows claimed this nest box months ago but only in the last few days have I heard babies inside.  They sound almost exactly like the adults. 

Dark-eyed Juncos and White-crowned Sparrows brought their babies around this month though the White-crowneds had to work a little harder.

Brown-headed Cowbird baby in addition to three White-crowned babies

Lastly, a couple nights ago Jacob and I went up to the clearcuts across the lake from us to see some nighthawks.  We picked a new spot that turned out great- a shorter walk and excellent views.


That's about it for the month.  Hope your June was filled with baby birds too!


  1. Hi Jen, I completely agree with your opening statement! IS is very hard to co-exist with 'mericans is my opinion. and Im finding it more and more difficult to keep my mouth closed I want to scream GET A BRAIN...there is so much BS on the horizon...but def ears is all I see on that side of the fence. So many sweet cuddly babes in this post, and the last shot of the Nighthawk is amazing, great timing on that one. The water feature is a def plus for the yard. The birds learned how to drink right out of the flow tube in my little fountain.

    1. Yeah coexisting is not easy. I can only imagine the amount of BS coming our way before November but I still have a little hope things will get better...

  2. Thanks for the birds. They are a nice distraction from ignorant people. Sorry that you had to also see those while gulling.

    1. Thanks. Technically we weren't gulling (hence the cell phone photo) but rather collecting our legal limit of rocks for the water feature :)


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