New Years Givewaway

 Happy New Year!

Thanks to you all for not complaining that I completely forgot to post the giveaway results yesterday :) 

Since there were only two items that were requested by more than one person I decided I would do drawings for those, and then send the rest of you want you asked for.  

Drawing #1: COFFEE

I assigned the coffee lovers each a number and used Google random number generator to pick the winner:

Congrats to Oregon birder Andy for winning the coffee!  

Drawing #2: OYSTERCATCHER sticker

Congrats to California bird-lover, Stephanie

If you didn't ask for either of these things then you're a winner anyway!  If you mentioned one of these things but ALSO other stuff, it's yours!  Shoot me an email ( with your addresses and you'll receive some fun mail.  Thanks for entering!


  1. I totally forgot to come back and comment on that post...I hope you have a great new year and can't wait to see what you share in your posts...congrats to the winners. Now if the rain would stop so I can go find my first 2021 bird.

    1. Happy new year to you too! I'm sending you something anyway.


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