My 2020 Project

 It seems that every year I get excited about a different birding-related project and this year it is birding the underbirded areas of Oregon.  I will use eBird and Paul Adamus's "Oregon birding where nobody has looked" project to figure out the areas in most need of checklists.

 Gilliam has been a project of mine since 2014 so this year will be more focused on the counties below it: Wheeler, Sherman, and Morrow.  Hopefully I can do longer trips out to Baker, Malheur and Grant as well. 

As I type this it is January 26 and only one checklist has been submitted in Wheeler in 2020, an incidental 2-species checklist.  I checked the bar charts for the whole county (all years) and there are entire weeks that have never had a checklist submitted! 

The East Cascades Audubon Society's website will be invaluable this year with its great descriptions of many birding locations in each county.

I will continue to bird my 5MR as well though I won't be as dedicated as last year.

Happy New Year/Decade!