2019 5MR Challenge!

Welcome to the 2019 5MR Challenge!

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There will be two main categories to the challenge:

1. To see the most bird species within 5 miles of your home.

2. To see the highest percentage of bird species relative to the number of birds seen in your county.

Example: If as of January 31st you have seen 63 species in your 5MR, while 110 species have been recorded in eBird in your county, your percentage would be 57%.  (63 divided by 110 equals 57%)

*If your radius includes multiple counties use the one that covers more of your radius.

*If you can see or hear a bird while standing inside your 5MR it counts.  The bird does not have to be inside the boundary.

*eBird will be used for calculating percentages unless you have a good reason to use a different number.

*Percentages should be recalculated at the end of each month.

Additional challenges throughout the year might include:

*Rarest bird find (must be found by the participant- going to see a reported rarity doesn't count)

*Monthly photo challenge

*Weirdest non-bird find

*Most species detected in a day

*First time(s) a species has ever been eBirded in the 5MR

*# of species confirmed breeding in the 5MR

*Number of species photographed

*Take on a neglected eBird hotspot and change its color

If you wish to participate in the challenge, please send me an email at 5MRbirding@mail.com that includes your name, country/state/county (or equivalent).  Thanks!


  1. # of species photographed
    % of species photographed/audio recorded

  2. Adopt an "orphaned" Hotspot in your 5MR.

    1. How can people with out Facebook participate?

    2. Sorry I missed all the comments on this page till now! Send me an email at 5MRbirding@mail.com with your email address so I can send monthly messages to request totals. Thanks!

  3. The name of one's patch should be changed to indicate the 2019 5MR Challenge. So we can see who is in or out in ebird. 19-5MR then the normal name you use for example

    1. I made the change. Nathan Hall, Cumberland Co, Maine. 19-5MR, Portland and Surrounding Areas

    2. Here is the map:


    3. I changed mine to simply "2019 5MR Challenge"

  4. Do dead birds count if it's clear they died in my radius?


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