i deleted the blog i had here before about moving.

now i've got an empty blog. so i guess i'll fill it with what i've been doing lately.

yeah, pretty much i've been trying to learn to use my camera, a canon powershot sx110is.  i love it, but only recently (in the last week) have tried the manual settings.  above is a great blue heron and mallard in this pond thing next to heron lakes golf course.  i have been loving that pond lately- always a couple great blue herons, many kinds of ducks, and the cormorants! oh they're beautiful.  plus a great egret often hangs out...

there is the great blue heron creeping behind the double-crested cormorants...

i'm not sure, but i assume the one on the left is the momma and the rest are the young cormorants?

and this guy.... so cute! no idea what kind he is though...


  1. Nice stuff. I think your last bird is a Pintail.

    Happy Anniversary.


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