New Hampshire/Vermont

Last week Jacob and I flew out to New England to visit my brother at his house in Vermont, and my parents in Massachusetts.  Jacob had never been to New Hampshire so when we drove through part of it to get to Vermont I looked for a birding hotspot close to the highway.  That's how we ended up at Ballard Pond in Derry, home of the Taylor Mill Historic Site.  Also home to this snapping turtle that seemed stuck but was not:

We walked part way around the pond as mosquitoes attacked and Jacob unknowingly acquired five ticks.  Birding was mellow but our first pink lady's slippers of the trip were sweet:

New Hampshire's state wildlfower, Cypripedium acaule

We picked up 15 New Hampshire bird species here with the last being the only photographable one, an Eastern Bluebird perched above its nest box.

Surprisingly this was the only bluebird of the trip.

We finally reached my brother's house but he was finishing up a hike with my nephew on the mountain that can be seen from his de…

5MR bird kids and more.

I'm supposed to be packing for a flight in a few hours but I wanted to share some recent 5MR sightings with y'all real quick.  No time for talk, here are the goods as the title promised.

Bird kids:

Emo Mallard duckling, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

Young Song Sparrow, Tidewater Cove

Young Dark-eyed Junco in the yard

Brewer's Blackbird family in the yard

Young Robin, David Douglas Park

Canada Goose family, Marine Park

 Lesser Goldfinch family, Marine Park

 House Sparrow kid in the yard

 Downy Woodpecker kid, Meadowbrook Marsh

California Scrub-Jay child, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

 Red-tailed Hawk family, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

And more:

Spotted Towhee, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail East

 Long-tailed weasel (!!!!), Tidewater Cove

 Black-capped Chickadee in the yard