Oregon birds.

Oregon has been turning up some great birds recently and I've actually gone to look at a few of them.  The most famous one right now is actually two:  a pair of male Eastern Bluebirds.  These birds were found by my friend Eric while birding his little patch on the west side of Rocky Butte in NE Portland (in my former 5MR!).  He had assumed they were Westerns but after putting photos on iNaturalist he learned he had found something far rarer, a west coast first!

The day after the birds were identified I arrived at first light along with a ton of other local birders.  It was about 30 minutes or so before the birds appeared but they eventually perched in one tree in the middle of the field for a long time.

Everyone got great looks through various scopes and terrible photos to go home with.

The birds are still hanging out in this spot though it sounds like they have a large territory.

This week I ran my first North Portland raptor survey of the season for East Cascades Audubon Society…

Baja Sur: Sierra de la Laguna and Estero San Jose

One of our days in Baja was spent exploring a road that leads into the Sierra de la Laguna mountains in the middle of the peninsula.  The drive into the area along Highway 1 was gorgeous.

Eventually we found the road we thought we might want to take that had this sign at the entrance:


Early on we spotted a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and Jacob's lifer Verdin.

Ash-throated Flycatcher

Birding was mild but steady as we drove the bumpy dirt road, hoping to gain elevation.  A flock of Yellow-rumpeds turned up a Black-throated Gray Warbler.

We stopped and birded many times without turning up anything too crazy aside from these giant grasshoppers the size of my hand:

We made it to a wash that for some reason I decided looked like a good place to bird.  There was even a shady pullout to park in.

We walked in the opposite direction of some 4x4 action and quickly found one of our target birds: the Acorn Woodpecker!  Not just any Acorn but the endemic Baja subspecies (Narrow-front…