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The opening act of spring.

 It's here. It's happening. The first few weeks of spring had their unfavorable side (rats eating my car's wiring, my camera discovering a new error code) but also birds are coming back! Not to mention wildflowers are blooming, there are insects to look at, and camping trips are being planned. Why does everything have to happen all at the same time?  Poet's shooting star (Primula poetica) Catherine Creek At the end of March I was out birding the Salmon River Estuary area and had already visited three of the four main hotspots.  The last one I was going to skip because it's the least productive but then thought, no, no one else really birds this area so I should go do a quick scope. And that's how I found my county Say's Phoebe (and 5MR bird #197!) A few other birders were able to refind it later that day including my friends Sarah and Max, so that was cool. It was even there a couple days later and Jacob was able to see it.  Around that time Rufous Hummingbi

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