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Coastal clearcuts.

Prior to buying our house in Lincoln City I had not spent any time in clearcuts of coastal Lincoln County.  I had not actually given them much thought until one of this year's 5MR challenge participants started posting about the birds he sees in one such clearcut.  Across the lake from our new house is a big patch of clearcuts which I finally went up to explore last weekend.

 There are a number of gates along NF-1726 so I just picked a random one and started hiking up the logging road. 


It was fairly birdy with the most abundant birds being families of White-crowned Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos, with a sprinkling of other randoms mixed in.

Purple Finch

Moth to be identified

Band-tailed Pigeon

I followed all the dead-ends till the final dead end at the top which was probably less than a mile from the gate.  It felt high up but when I checked the elevation I was barely over 500 feet. 

 The thistle along the road attracted quite a few of these Ctenucha moths

On the walk back down…

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