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Lincoln City shorebirds, etc.

A couple weeks ago Jacob brought our kayaks out to the new house, located less than a quarter mile from a boat launch on Devils Lake.  Our first time kayaking on the lake went well with a lovely sunrise and even a county bird. 

We kayaked south from Holmes Road Park and made it to Regatta Park before turning back north. 


Someone's yard has a little peninsula with some trees and nice shrubs that happened to be packed with birds, mostly Yellow Warblers and Chestnut-backed Chickadees.  The warblers were flying down to the edge of the lake to drink and bathe.

As we paddled back into the boat ramp area we flushed a Spotted Sandpiper, a surprise county bird.

Later that day Jacob hung our new owl house on the edge of our property.

Hopefully a screech or saw-whet will stumble upon it!

We also took down most of the bird houses that were on the house when we bought it.  I was hoping some might be able to be cleaned and reused but none of them were designed to be opened with anything …

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