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 Last week Jacob had some time off and we decided to take a quick trip out to the northeast corner of Oregon. We got a cute Airbnb in Enterprise and spent a few days exploring the area.  Most good road trips in Oregon start with a fantastic sunrise in the Columbia River Gorge We made a few stops along the way in Union County starting with Ladd Marsh WMA.  We drove around the area hitting the various hotspots and not so hot spots and I picked up 38 Union County birds. Black-necked Stilt We ate lunch on Wilkinson Road with Tree Swallows and cows.  Along Highway 82 we made a couple more birding stops including one at Alicel Scrape where the heat waves were brutal but we managed some close shorebirds like American Avocet and both yellowlegs. Then we headed to Rhinehart Canyon, a spot that is well known in Oregon for Gray Catbird and Veery, both of which it was too early for.  Roadside yellow-bellied marmot   We walked from the end of Philberg Road to the bridge over the Grande Ronde Rive

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