Sherman County in June

A couple weeks ago we had to return to Vancouver for a fun trip to the emergency vet (everything's fine now) and after a few days I had the urge to get out for some birding.  A day trip to Sherman County seemed like a nice break from the dog stress and I hoped to finally crest 100 species there. 

Columbia Gorge sunrises are always good
I took 197 down to 216 where just before White River Falls State Park (four miles before entering Sherman County) I noticed a bunch of turkeys in a field.  There was a pullout there so I stopped to send Jacob a photo of them.

I looked over to my left and a Lewis's Woodpecker was flying around, hunting from a telephone pole. 

Nice start to the day's birding
In the field below was this pheasant that I think is a Ring-necked but not the usual variety.

I continued on to my first destination, the BLM road that winds along the Deschutes River over 17 miles to Macks Canyon.  It was slow-going as it was quite birdy and I only made it six miles total.

June birds

It's been another long emotional month in 2020.  I have barely blogged because really I don't know what to say beyond the obvious (or what should be obvious):  Black lives matter and wear a fucking mask. 

Our Lincoln City neighbors

At least there are still birds to look at.  At the beginning of June a Glaucous Gull was still lingering on the beach here despite everyone celebrating the reopening of the beaches.
'mericans love driving on the beach
Baby birds have been happening this month, starting with baby robins.
West Devils Lake Road
Young Hairy Woodpeckers have been around the neighborhood and our yard.

West Devils Lake boardwalk
Dad was always leading the young male around (backyard)

A couple times this month I had to return to Vancouver for vet appointments for the mutts.  On one occasion I went birding at the end of Lower River Road and heard a young Great Horned talking. I was looking up at it when I stumbled upon its parent feeding on a dead rabbit on the ground.

One morn…