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Birding the underbirded: Sherman County edition

On Monday Jacob and I decided at the last minute to take a trip out to Sherman County to continue my project of (e)birding the less birded areas of Oregon this year.

Sherman County location, courtesy of Wikipedia

I planned out a birding route during the drive using my handy print out of birding sites in the area from the ECAS website.  We skipped the top hotspot in the county, Deschutes River State Recreation Area, and headed to Fulton Canyon.

This road did not prove particularly birdy but 5 out of our 8 species were new for the "hotspot."  We turned left on Welk Road which was mentioned in the site guide as having rolling hills and riparian areas.  Indeed.  The weirdest thing here was probably the tree full of Ring-necked Pheasants.

This is not how I typically encounter pheasants.  The site guide mentioned this road as having had Say's Phoebes in the past though I was not expecting one in January.  But there it was.

The phoebe disappeared soon after but reappeared with …

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