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Lincoln City/County recently

Time to catch up on birds and things out at the coast, starting with our local lake of devils.  There are several main access points to the lake:  Holmes Road Park (close to our house), Regatta Park, East Devils Lake State Recreation Area, Sand Point Park, Devils Lake Campground, and D River Open Space.  Every time we visit the birds are different which keeps things interesting. 

Weird birds, East Devils Lake (10/4/19)

Clark's Grebe, Holmes Road Park (10/4/19)

 Long-tailed Duck with scaup, Devils Lake Campground (10/13/19)

 Black Phoebe on someone's back porch, Holmes Road Park (10/26/19)

The dogs like the lake too. 

A few weeks ago we went up to the clearcuts in our future 5MR and found some good birds, starting with my county Canada Jays. 

A small herd of elk crossed the logging road in front of us.

Elk butts disappearing into the trees

A Sharpie appeared, keeping all the birds out of sight.

 A couple of county Wilson's Snipes started flying around which felt real weird in a cl…

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