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 Hey look at this, a new blog post for the new year! Yesterday I went up to Neskowin which is a small Oregon beach town on the north side of Cascade Head, about 11 miles north of our house in Lincoln City.  It's more like a beach neighborhood rather than a town, with lots of very cute cottages, a small expensive store, and a cafe. The main attraction for me here is the golf course which is usually flooded and loved by many birds.  The reason I went up there yesterday was to look for a few recently reported birds that would be Tillamook County birds for me. I dipped on a dipper but quickly found the Palm Warbler in a flock of Yellow-rumped Warblers on the grass.  My last Oregon Palm Warbler was in 2019! A nice year bird which I was able to share with another birder I hadn't crossed paths with in years, Ken Chamberlain. We walked up and down the golf course following the flock which also had a pleasant pile of Western Bluebirds.  Ken had told me about a Steller's in the neig

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