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Road Trip: Malheur County to Crook County

 I left off the last post on the morning of day three when we were leaving Antelope Reservoir after a pleasant sunrise. Our first planned stop was at Pillars of Rome, a series of cool geologic formations that obviously reminded someone of Rome at some point. It looked neat on the internet, wasn't far from the main highway, and there were Black-throated Sparrows there in eBird. Sold.  But then the lack of signage had us miss the road to the pillars and instead we drove over a bridge and past someone's property with lots off protective farm dogs that wanted to bite my tires.  There was also a sleepy dog that looked just like Ralph. I was confident it was the wrong way but kept going in case it wasn't.  A Northern Mockingbird appeared and briefly posed on a fence post. There are only two other NoMo eBird records for Malheur County so that's neat. The road got pretty bad right after that and we turned around and found the correct road to Pillars of Rome.  It was pretty but

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