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Weekend birds: High desert to coast

 This weekend was packed with birds!  On Saturday Jacob and I took a day trip east of the Cascades to look at some year birds and some classic Oregon scenery. We stopped for the Tricolored Blackbirds along Highway 206 in Sherman County that Russ Namitz recently found and managed to see a handful.  It was below freezing though so we didn't stay long and I didn't get a photo.  Next we stopped for a bird that I had looked for several times but recently realized I was looking in the wrong spot.  Looking in the right spot yielded success:  Western Screech-Owl!  Perched in its nest hole like everyone says.   We made our way east past Condon to an area where a massive flock of Gray-crowned Rosy-finches was reported the day before.  No luck but I did manage to misidentify another birder that we compared notes with. Turns out there is more than one bearded birder under 50.   Horned Lark   We ended up doing a big loop on roads that I used to drive for my Gilliam raptor survey but never s

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