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Lincoln City Green 5MR Birding

You know we are experiencing strange times when this adult store window display makes complete sense to anyone walking by:

Two months ago this would have left me scratching my head. 

By the end of March my work was closed and Jacob had set up a home office in Lincoln City where we have been able to spend most of our time lately.  I've been relying heavily on the ultimate distraction, birding, by obsessing over a new motorless/green list.  My first real outing was finally walking to the beach, only 1.3 miles away.

This route takes me past the Abe Lincoln statue, that adult store, a store with "lark" in the name but featuring a drawing of a swallow, and a community garden.

As I approached the garden I heard a completely unexpected sound:  California Scrub-Jay!

This was a freakin county bird for me! This is a very unreliable bird in the northern part of the county and not one I was expecting to see in my 5MR anytime soon.  While I was standing there a city employee came and…