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Recent birds in three parts.

Part 1.  Chickadees.

Let's begin with the chickadees that are nesting in my front yard.  I was super psyched when I noticed they had returned and were spending their days dragging moss and dog hair into the house they used last year. 


They were busy for awhile, then a few weeks ago I realized I wasn't seeing them near the house as much.  I thought maybe the House Sparrows had been too annoying for them or they found a better house somewhere else.  Last week I came home from work and found the house on the ground.  Assuming they had abandoned it anyway I opened the side door to see what was going on.

Oh!  I guess they did not abandon it after all.  I quickly rehung the house and the parents returned immediately to check on their babies.  Since then I have seen them delivering food every day to these little turkeys.


Using Julie Zickefoose's Baby Birds as a reference I believe the nestlings were four days old when the house fell on the ground, so it should be a…

Summer Lake.

Last weekend Jacob and I went down to the very un-summer-like Summer Lake to bird and explore for a couple of days.  On Friday we started the journey on good old Highway 26, stopping at a gas station that produced a few nice birds.

This Gray Jay was serving as a crossing guard for sasquatch families while simultaneously begging for granola bar crumbs. 

By the time we got to Summer Lake around noon, snow was blowing around and sometimes mixing with hail. 

Tree Swallows in snow

Long-billed Curlew in snow

Thankfully after a few hours of snow showers moving through the rest of the day was sunny and we took our time on the 8+ mile auto tour.


Sandhill Crane, dirty-neck subspecies

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Curlew in sun

Snowy Plovers, not in snow

There's a barn at the wildlife area that Great Horned Owls have taken over and it's easy to take a peek at them.  This one was perched on a beam in the center of the barn, and after a minute flew up to a wire at the front of the barn surroun…

Local birds.

Man, it's been way too long since I blogged about the local birds!  After last weekend my 5MR list really started to grow with lots of fun birds coming through in migration.  I decided to bird Blue Lake Park one morning and had 13 new species for my Blue Lake list including four new species for the park's eBird list.  

It's been a strong spring for Nashville Warblers and I was happy to find a couple there along with Yellow-rumped, Wilson's, Orange-crowned, and a Black-throated Gray.

Oh yeah, and the best part was that they weren't super high up!  They were mostly in younger trees and shrubs.  They even offered up this nice combo for me:

The main field at the park has been flooded for awhile now and the ducks and swallows have taken nicely to it.  The fruit tree blossoms make for pretty reflection pictures.

Northern Rough-winged Swallow

A pair of Killdeer seemed to be planning a nest along the gravel road through the trees and one put on its wing show for me, leadin…