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Birding during a global pandemic.

Birders are lucky, we can still do the thing that we love while COVID 19 rages: we can still make lists!

Any birding plans I had for the next month (or ten) have been replaced with yard birding and motorless birding.  That's two lists.  Luckily we have two homes, so that's four lists.  I can live with four lists.

House Finch with nesting material

The day after I proposed a yard bird challenge to the 5MR Facebook group a Varied Thrush appeared in our backyard.  This is not an easy yard bird for us.

Every spring the Song Sparrows do a little a dance back and forth along the chain link fence. 

 Black-capped Chickadees always investigate our lighthouse, either for nesting or for snacks.  There's no way in unless they make the hole bigger that a Downy Woodpeckers started.

 Lesser Goldfinches offer the most color in the yard now.

 Violet-green Swallows returned to the yard yesterday and will hopefully nest in the vents of the neighboring apartment building again.

 This junco show…

Costa Rica- Green Paradise and Bajo del Tigre (Day 12, final day)

On our last day we woke up to howling wind.  I had the worst time sleeping the night before as it was rattling the whole house.  Birding expectations for the day were very low.  We had coffee and watched Brown Jays coming to the fruit feeder Caroline made out of random stuff in the yard.

While we were watching them I noticed a bird wander out of the shrubs into the entrance road.

Gray-cowled Wood-Rail!  Once lumped with the Russet-naped Wood-Rail (called Gray-necked Wood-Rail) we had seen previously, they were split in 2016.

Caroline had thrown some fruit in what looked like a compost pile and the wood-rail actually went over there and scrounged.

We braved the wind to walk around the trails by our Airbnb and it was kind of unpleasant.  This tiny lizard was cool:

iNat suggests a kind of anole

 Pale-billed Woodpecker with stick over its face

 Rufous-capped Warbler

Eventually we packed up to leave and go birding at Bajo del Tigre in Children's Eternal Rainforest, "Costa Rica'…