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White-tailed Ptarmigan--NO

In my eBird account I have 14 checklists from 14 different hikes on Mount Rainier, dating back to 2011.  14 times searching for White-tailed Ptarmigan.  14 times dipping on White-tailed Ptarmigan.  Will I ever learn?

Probably not.  As long as there's a really cool bird I have never seen lurking around one of the most stunning landscapes in the Pacific Northwest I will always want to try again.  This week I spent three days up at Mount Rainier National Park with Tweets and Chirps Audrey, hiking our butts off and even sometimes relaxing.  Here's the story.

Day 1:  Hiking from Sunrise to the Fremont Lookout, camping at White River Campground.

We arrived at Mount Rainier in mid-morning and quickly claimed a campsite before heading to Sunrise to start hiking. 


Mormon cricket?  Not a frog.

 Mountain goats

 Mountain Chickadee

Mountain Bluebird

The hike up was fairly tame and getting warm, though we managed bad views of a flock of Gray-crowned Rosy-finches.

When ptarmigan are seen on …

Lincoln City this week

For my birthday this week I decided to spend four days out at the Lincoln City house.  Jacob was able to join me for most of those days, but my first night and morning I was on my own.  The first evening I took the mutts up to one of the clearcuts to tire them out.

The next morning I wanted to check out the Salishan Nature Trail (outside the future 5MR) for possible shorebird action. 

I was initially a little annoyed that they were mowing the golf course that borders the trail but forgot I was annoyed when I encountered a flock of Bushits.  County bird!  Ha!  Such a ridiculously easy bird in PDX, but not quite as common at the coast I guess.

These vast mudflats were promising and I could see tons of shorebirds in the distance but I didn't have my scope.  I picked out some Semipalmated Plovers but that was it.  The trail was birdy though!

Hairy Woodpecker

Marsh Wren (County bird #2!!)

Song Sparrow feeding time

Lots of fun birds here including Wrentits, Band-tailed Pigeons, crossbills,…