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North Coast.

Fact:  Four days at the coast is not enough!  At least Jacob and I were able to avoid much of the Portland weekend heat wave.  Friday morning we hit up Haystack Rock at low tide where the birds were great, the tide pools were awesome, and at least one random bird shop customer was lurking.

Pelagic Corm

Black Oystercatcher (on eggs)

 Pigeon Guillemot

 Harbor Seal with Harlequin Ducks

I could have spent all day poking around the tidal pools there.

Not pictured:  Tufted Puffins.  I only took one photo of a puffin because the pools were so distracting.  It was not a good photo. 

Our home base for this trip was Jacob's parents' house in Astoria so we spent some time birding Wireless Road.  There we were psyched to find a ginormous pile of fish guts behind a barn that attracted piles of Bald Eagles, ravens, and gulls.

The eagles and ravens took off when we approached but the gulls let us watch their gluttony.

We stopped by a second time on our way to Fort Stevens one morning to enjoy so…

Conboy Lake NWR.

I was itching to get out somewhere drier than Portland on Friday and decided to revisit Conboy Lake NWR up in Washington. 

Most of my time was spent on the Willard Springs trail where birds were busy with babies and eating and all the usual spring time stuff.

It did not take me long to find this sapsucker's nest as its babies were super loud.  I watched both parents bring food and one do a little tidying up.


Not far from the sapsucker nest a crew of young House Wrens hopped around on some down branches.  Meep meep.

The forested part of the trail was filled with more birds and a pleasant sprinkling of columbine and honeysuckle.

RBNU kid

Nashville Warbler

I decided to turn around at the overlook, where not much of interest was happening.  I almost left but then remembered to do a final scan and found a small herd of elk with young.   Horrible photos here is one anyway:

There were a few little orchids along the trail that I *think* are phantom orchids, though not anywhere near pos…