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The art of Tufted Ducking.

I learned an important lesson in December of 2012.  It was my third winter of chasing reports of a Tufted Duck hiding in the massive scaup flocks that linger in the Columbia River.  I chased and dipped, chased and dipped, froze my fingers and melted my brain trying to sort scaup.  Then one day I was walking the dogs at Broughton Beach and boom, the Tufted Duck was the closest bird to shore.  That's when I understood, you do not chase the Tufted Duck.  It chases you.

A Tufted Duck is cool, and so you must also be cool.  When one was reported by a local birder last week in my 5MR I knew exactly what to do:  be cool, don't chase, act nonchalant.  Finally yesterday I felt the urge to bird Marine Park which is connected to the park where the duck was seen.  I left my scope at home because I was not going to chase that duck.

When it's 23˚ outside you might think that sturgeon did not smell as much.  No.  It smelled a lot.

I walked west along the beach to the boat ramp where a co…