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Texas for never.

Last weekend Jacob and I flew down to Austin to enjoy their hottest September on record and attend the wedding of a recovering bird blogger.  We arrived on Friday afternoon and had an Uber driver take us to Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant (aka one of the best birding spots around).  Seagull Steve was flying in later than us and would meet us here with a rental car later.

He dropped as off at the spot on the map called "Bird Shelter."

The first thing I pulled my camera out for was an armadillo crossing the road.  Lifer mammal!  Photos from our first encounter were poor, but a couple hours later we watched one foraging in the leaf litter for a long time. 

Foraging technique:  plow face into leaf litter

 Chasing each other

The Wikipedia entry on nine-banded armadillo taught me quite a bit.  Most surprising (to me) was how quickly their range is expanding north/northeast, and they're even expected to expand to parts of New England. 

From the shaded shelter we decided …

Lincoln City shorebirds, etc.

A couple weeks ago Jacob brought our kayaks out to the new house, located less than a quarter mile from a boat launch on Devils Lake.  Our first time kayaking on the lake went well with a lovely sunrise and even a county bird. 

We kayaked south from Holmes Road Park and made it to Regatta Park before turning back north. 


Someone's yard has a little peninsula with some trees and nice shrubs that happened to be packed with birds, mostly Yellow Warblers and Chestnut-backed Chickadees.  The warblers were flying down to the edge of the lake to drink and bathe.

As we paddled back into the boat ramp area we flushed a Spotted Sandpiper, a surprise county bird.

Later that day Jacob hung our new owl house on the edge of our property.

Hopefully a screech or saw-whet will stumble upon it!

We also took down most of the bird houses that were on the house when we bought it.  I was hoping some might be able to be cleaned and reused but none of them were designed to be opened with anything …