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Baja Sur: Todos Santos (Part two)

Birding around Todos Santos never got old.  There was plenty to see near our Airbnb and plenty to see if we drove just outside of town.  One afternoon we walked back down to the beach before sunset and caught up with some fun birds.

Hooded Orioles were ridiculously common

 Gray Thrashers were also super easy to find


It's not every day you see a kid wearing your favorite team's shirt:

In the spot where we had seen a pile of Xantus's Hummingbirds a couple days earlier we instead found a bossy male Costa's.

When we arrived at the beach we saw bunch of folks lined up for the release of sea turtle hatchlings by Tortugueros Las Playitas.  They incubate thousands of the sea turtle eggs every year and when they hatch they release them at sunset on the beach.  I had thought it was only Pacific leatherback sea turtles but on their website I learned they do the same for Olive Ridley and Black sea turtles that also nest on Todos Santos beaches.

At least 14 hatchlings released th…

Baja Sur: La Paz

When we planned our trip to Baja, Jacob and I knew we needed to do a day trip to the state capital, La Paz, located on the east side of the peninsula.  It is a much bigger city than Todos Santos with a nice long waterfront, sewage ponds, mangroves, and mudflats.  Our first visit was on our second day in Baja and unfortunately I had not prepared us very well map-wise.  I may have drawn a very crude map in a notebook and thought it was good enough.  That may have happened.

So yeah, it was no real surprise that when faced with morning rush hour traffic I was unable to figure out where we were in relation to the sewage ponds.  Finally I did figure out how to get to the waterfront so we decided to start there.  The first bird we saw besides pigeons was our target Yellow-footed Gull.  Easy peasy.

A bit later we looked up to see a drone flying over with an angry Yellow-footed Gull ready to do battle.  We had hoped it would take down the drone but the drone took off before it had the chance.