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Jackson County.

Tuesday morning I packed up the car and headed south to Jackson County to bird with local Russ "I've seen 100% of the species in Jackson County this year" Namitz.  For the record he does not call himself that, but I found it hilarious when I looked at the Top 100 on eBird for the county.  I arrived in the mid-afternoon heat, perfect time to hit the sewage ponds on Kirtland Road.

I took zero photos here but trust me, it was good.  Year birds and state year birds around every corner including Wilson's Phalarope, Blue-winged Teal, Great-tailed Grackle, and Northern Mockingbird.  Next up was Tou Velle State Park which had Yellow-breasted Chat, Wrentit, Bullock's Oriole, Yellow Warbler, and more.  After a stop at Avenue G we picked up the best burritos in Medford (lies) and drove out to Howard Prairie.  It was pouring and there was a rainbow.  Despite this I got a very good lesson in empids and potato chip/bean dip songs. 

After sunset we finally located a Great Gray…

Birds, Bugs, and Flowers.

It would be really nice if I had a photo of a bird with a bug in its mouth perched near a flower to kick off this post.  But I don't.  I have a kestrel with a mouse in its talons on a snag which will have to do.

This kestrel was hunting the summit of Powell Butte yesterday morning when I finally made it up to look for the reported Gray Flycatcher, which I never found.  Per usual, plenty of other good stuff was around to entertain.

Linaria vulgaris?  (Common Toadflax aka Butter and eggs)

One of 4-5 Western Kingbirds, the most I've seen together in the county I think

 Sidalcea malviflora?  (Checkerbloom)

As I made my way down the trail I concentrated on the general area the Gray Flycatcher had been seen, and a Pacific-slope was calling instead.  Amazingly it hopped around near eye-level and I managed a few photos, which rarely happens. 

While following this bird a girl power-walking by me talking on her cell phone stopped, told her caller to wait a second, then asked me if I was ta…

Oregon's Finest: The Beach and the Gorge.

On Tuesday morning the dogs and I headed out to Cannon Beach to look at some birds.  The exit off 101 had a couple of large distractions. 

A couple of elk were grazing not far from the road so I had to stop and watch for a bit.  They watched back.

Listening to the mutts whining

Once at the beach we walked out to Haystack Rock.

 Pigeon Guillemots

Black Oystercatchers

 Tufted Puffin


 Bonaparte's Gull

The dogs were being ridiculously patient while I got my Haystock Rock fix and as we left I took the same damn picture I always take...

Next we walked the loop trail around the Cannon Beach Settling Ponds.  A couple of Spotted Sandpipers were the only shorebirds and a random late Common Goldeneye was the only "rarity."

Our last coastal stop was Ecola State Park where Leonard proved you never really forget your circus days.

As I walked the dogs along the edge of the field by the parking lot a crow flew over near us.  It also wanted to walk along the edge of the shrubs, so I…