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Linn County birding

This year I've continued to bird a couple of the less birded counties of Oregon along with one medium-birded county that I had not spent much time in, Linn County.  I spent the day there recently adding 54 new county birds to my list there.  First I stopped along Kamph Drive where Lewis's Woodpeckers had been reported.


I also picked up Bald Eagle, American Kestrel, California Scrub-Jay, and Common Raven for the county.  From there I headed into Albany to visit Talking Water Gardens, a fancy wastewater treatment spot that Nick and Maureen recommended. 

 This was a birdy spot indeed and I added about 20 county birds here alone.

Black Phoebe

Across the street from Talking Waters is Simpson Park where I found even more birds and a ton of mud.  I didn't bird as long as I could have here and still managed 9 more county birds.

Excavating a nest already?  

I was eager to check out the farm roads south of here and I started with an unplanned drive along Holmes Drive.  I had s…

The LC lately

Let's start with the LC sewage ponds, because I have this photo from January that I feel needs to be shared:

This is what happens if you dive too deep in the sewage ponds.  Or at least that's what I assume happened.  The scaup here are the only ducks that seem...coated.

I returned to the sewage ponds more recently and the scaup were less gross, but still a little gross.  Other divers (Ring-neckeds, Buffleheads, etc) don't seem to have this issue but maybe they don't go as deep?

Chilly sewage pond morning

On my recent visit the birds were out in force, including Marsh Wrens who were suddenly visible.

The sun brought out the bugs which brought out the warblers, a phoebe and a Hermit Thrush.


Townsend's Warbler

Black Phoebe

Hermit Thrush

I am getting stoked for spring at these sewage ponds since there's not much in eBird for this spot but the potential is high for shorebirds and weird migrants. 

The yard birding in the LC has been consistently pleasant.  In J…