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Sherman County in June

A couple weeks ago we had to return to Vancouver for a fun trip to the emergency vet (everything's fine now) and after a few days I had the urge to get out for some birding.  A day trip to Sherman County seemed like a nice break from the dog stress and I hoped to finally crest 100 species there. 

Columbia Gorge sunrises are always good
I took 197 down to 216 where just before White River Falls State Park (four miles before entering Sherman County) I noticed a bunch of turkeys in a field.  There was a pullout there so I stopped to send Jacob a photo of them.

I looked over to my left and a Lewis's Woodpecker was flying around, hunting from a telephone pole. 

Nice start to the day's birding
In the field below was this pheasant that I think is a Ring-necked but not the usual variety.

I continued on to my first destination, the BLM road that winds along the Deschutes River over 17 miles to Macks Canyon.  It was slow-going as it was quite birdy and I only made it six miles total.