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Florence Vacay (Part 2)

This part of the Oregon coast is known for its sand dunes, and on Wednesday morning we set out to find some.  First we tried a trail near Sutton Creek and Holman Vista, but to actually get to the dunes one would have to cross the creek.  Nope.  But there were Varied Thrushes in the parking lot.

We tried and failed on another trail in the Siltcoos area before heading to Jessie Honeyman State Park.  Here we found a completely deserted dune area on Cleawox Lake where the dogs were able to run free for a bit.

After that we took a nice walk around Florence's Old Town area which runs along the Siuslaw River.  A kingfisher was perched on a river-facing balcony and at one point got into a disagreement with an Orange-crowned Warbler.  So random.
Siuslaw River Bridge
Back at the house we saw one of the Canada Geese we had seen earlier in the morning was in a weird position on a neighboring dock.  I first thought it was dead, but no, just resting.  

We saw the goose later swimming around, and…

Florence Vacay (Part 1)

Halfway between Newport and Coos Bay is the quaint Oregon coast town of Florence, a place I had never been before this week.  My friend had learned of a bog near Florence filled with carnivorous plants and so the plan was hatched to visit this area.  When we were packing up the car on Monday morning I broke the news that we would be taking the long way thanks to a Cattle Egret in Tillamook.

Our first roadside distraction was Killin Wetlands in Washington County.

A couple of river otters were breaking through the ice, making a racket.

A dead porcupine was showing off its pearly whites...

We made it to Tillamook and started scanning the egret-filled fields along 101 where the Cattle Egret had been seen just hours earlier.  No luck.  We drove around to other egret-filled fields.  No luck.  But a White-tailed Kite was nice to see.

We returned to the original field.  Egrets were moving around constantly and finally we saw a smaller one in flight.  It landed and we were able to see it was i…