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#neverstopexploring...your 5MR

Yesterday I was itching to bird somewhere new but rather than drive out somewhere crazy I decided to explore within my 5MR.  I zoomed in on the western portion of my 5MR and found a couple of promising spots I had never noticed.  First was a park with a ridiculously long name that I keep rearranging into different variations, Douglas Carter Fisher Neighborhood Park.

Look at that!  A wetland I had no idea existed a mere 3.5 miles from home!  The internet says it was named for the previous property owner's son (a condition of the sale of the property) and was once a 29-acre lake. 

On the left past the ghost and scarecrow are some fenced-in ponds that hosted a blue heron and later, a billion crows.

A boardwalk takes you over the wet grass to a playground and field on the right, or the bark chipped path to the wetlands on the left. 

The wetlands have their own name apart from the park, Thomas Wetlands East, per this sign:

"Rain runoff from streets, yards and roofs is captured her…

Pelagic Lite

Last weekend Jacob and I joined Oregon Pelagic Tours for a short 6-hour pelagic trip out of Newport.  A private group hoping for albatross had set this trip up and some birders like us also crashed the party.  I knew it would probably be too short for rarities but Jacob had never been on a pelagic and I loved that we could do it without needing a dog-sitter.

Yaquina Bay sunrise

We lucked out with fantastic weather and calm seas and zero puking that I saw.  Quite a change from the last pelagic I went on which was apparently four years ago. While we waited to board the boat the sunrise continued to impress.

All week there had been reports of big numbers of Rhinoceros Auklets in Yaquina Bay and we got to see quite a few on our way out. 

There were also Red-necked Grebes, Common Loons, and this Common Murre quite close to the boat.

Outside the bay but while still close-ish to shore we spotted a couple of Marbled Murrelets.

A humpback whale was blowing and diving nearby.

Northern Fulmars we…