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Meadowbrook Marsh

It's been almost a year since I first visited the section of the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail that is called Meadowbrook Marsh Park.  I was still mourning the loss of my old 5MR patch, Blue Lake, but was excited to find this area with ponds, marshes, native shrubs, trees, and the creek.  It smelled like potential.  I immediately suggested it as an eBird hotspot and now I've seen 96 species there.  Four to go till the hotspot changes from blue to green!

Time to catch up on my patch visits from the last month or so.

Eastern pond

Jacob and I visited the spot in early October on a foggy and misty morning.  Most migrants had departed by then, and ducks and sparrows were showing up.

Great Egret, Mallard on the western pond

Shovelers were new patch birds

Getting late for Rufous Hummingbirds

The biggest surprise for me that morning was these mushrooms, which look like amanita muscaria:

I had never seen them away from the coast before.  So cool!

The following week I visited on a sunny morning f…

Oregon Coast: Yachats to Newport

On our second and final morning at the coast, Jacob and I drove north from Yachats with our bellies full of sweet treats from the Green Salmon Cafe.  Our first stop was Seal Rock State Wayside where things were feeling a bit more like Oregon.

Cloudy and misty

I spent some time annoying a Black Phoebe while Jacob went exploring up the beach.

People can't not touch everything.

Next we drove north to South Beach State Park where we walked the beach up to the south jetty of the Yaquina River.  The best birds there were one or two Rhinoceros Auklets relatively close in, super loud Common Murres, and Common and Pacific Loons still in breeding-ish plumage.

Terrible photo parade.

We took the trail back through the pines where a boisterous mixed flock of primarily robins and yellow-rumpeds were feeding.  A Wrentit started singing and even popped into view a couple times.  I was trying to take its picture when two women out on a walk came up, and one creepily whispered directly behind me "…

Oregon Coast: Newport to Yachats

This week Jacob and I took a quick two-night trip to the coast to try out a new dog-sitter we will be using next month when we go to Baja Sur.  We planned this way in advance so it was amazing that it coincided with a round of great weather and great birds.  Our plan was to arrive in Newport in time for dinner, before heading the rest of the way south to the Fireside Motel in Yachats.

Lapland Longspurs had been seen on the north jetty of the Yaquina River that morning so we decided to make a quick stop to look for them.  We walked the sandy trail to the jetty and quickly flushed four or five birds.  They landed somewhere behind us so we walked back and more flushed.

Eventually we were able to not flush them and spent awhile watching them meander about on the sand.

Before this I had seen exactly three longspurs, and only one well, so to see at least ten was exciting.  After spending some time with this flock we continued our walk down towards the jetty where we found yet another longs…