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Birds and things closer to home.

I haven't bored you all with my yard birds in awhile, so I'll start with those.  Fall is here.  My FOS Golden-crowned Sparrow showed up on the exact same date as one showed up last year. 

The next day the White-crowneds arrived.

American Goldfinches have been accumulating, now outnumbering the Lesser Goldfinches who must have nested nearby.  There has been one super annoying young LEGO lately whose screeches drive me nuts.

THAT guy. 

The White-breasted Nuthatch that first appeared on August 2nd has visited daily since.  Stoked.

I know I'm not supposed to like my Eurasian Collared-Doves.  But I do.  There's only two of them and they're rather sweet.  Sometimes they just sit up in my ash tree and make out.  They spent weeks building a nest in a pine tree across the street this spring but never raised any babies.  Ideal, no?

Cedar Waxwings usually stick to the top of my ash tree and I rarely see them till they fly off together.  A few days ago, when it was still hot, a…

Where's your man at?

Oh, northeast Oregon.  It's still the wild west up in that corner of the state (in much of the state really) and backwards notions such as asking a lady "Where's your man at?" while she's trying to change a tire on a deserted gravel mountain road is completely normal. 

Does that set the scene for my recent camping trip for you?  No?  Let me try again:

Moss Springs Guard Station Campground, Cove, OR

I am pretty sure I was the only person camping in NE Oregon this weekend who was not on some kind of elk hunting expedition.  Some of you might know I'm vegetarian and might have some preconceived ideas of how I feel about hunting so let me clear things up.

I hate hunting for sport or trophy.  I think it's completely fucked (yeah I said it, sorry, mom).  But if going out and killing an elk will help feed your family for the winter, then whatever.  I have little respect for anyone who eats meat and doesn't have the balls to kill their own food (and kill it p…


I went out to Tillamook County on Sunday to search for the recently reported Snowy Plovers, first at Bayocean Spit and later at the south spit of Sand Lake in Tierra del Mar.  Bayocean was a bust for plovers but I found four Baird's Sandpipers upon arrival.

I made it over a mile north from there without finding any other shorebirds.  Dead stuff and jellyfish kept me busy along the way. 

A big flock of American Pipits was keeping to the shadows in the dunes. 

On the walk back some Sanderlings flew in, bringing the shorebird total up to 11. 

After Bayocean Spit I had just barely enough time to go check out Tierra del Mar.  I hiked out to the packed sand closer to the water and began heading north for over a mile.  Finally there was a Snowy Plover!

The bird kept its distance and seemed rather skittish.  I gave it a wide berth as I made my way around it to change the backdrop to something darker. 

This made for a few better photos, but not better views of the leg bands.  I left it…