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Birds + Food

I haven't gotten out much lately, but here's a few birds of late... Birds with food.

At Smith & Bybee Lakes:

Osprey with a fish

 Song Sparrow with mouth full of bugs

At Force Lake:

Black-capped Chickadee with an inchworm

And lastly, some spicy vegan corn chowder I made last night:


Cannon Beach.

I took the dogs to Cannon Beach yesterday to look for the Tufted Puffins on Haystack Rock.  I saw quite a few flying around, but not a single one sitting on the rock.

Brown Pelicans and Pigeon Guillemots were also around Haystack Rock...

Also, lots of Common Murres...

And lastly, a rock covered with Pelagic Cormorants (oops, they're Brandt's Cormorants!):

Good times!

Force Lake.

I had a bit of free time before work yesterday so I headed over to Force Lake and was surprised by all the great stuff I saw...  First off, a Bullock's Oriole!

A Black-headed Grosbeak was singing its heart out (well, until I stumbled out some blackberry bushes and he stopped).

A Yellow Warbler was flitting around the bushes along the lake.

My shoelace caught on a blackberry thorn so I bent down to tie it and came face to tail with a baby bunny.  So cute...

When I stood up again the oriole had landed in the willows near me to preen or something like that...

There are baby swallows everywhere now. I think these guys are Cliff Swallows:

And a Tree Swallow:

A pair of Osprey flew in at one point...

I never get sick of watching these guys...

People have asked me how this whole birding thing started, and although there are probably tons of birds, dogs, and circumstances to blame, I think I can mostly blame (thank?) an Osprey at Kelley Point Park.  So yeah, they're kind of special t…

Ridgefield NWR 06-22-11

I went up to Ridgefield yesterday morning for a few hours...  Nothing out of the ordinary but lots of cute babies and whatnot.  The first find was this Savannah Sparrow fledgeling...

Great Egrets were feeding in one of the sloughs..

A Pied-billed Grebe baby:

There were tons of Yellow-headed Blackbirds, though I'm not sure if they were females or juveniles...

This heron took a giant crap in the road right in front of me:

Seriously. Giant crap. Farther down the road I watched a flicker shoot out of a nest cavity only to get shooed away by another male. 

And lastly, one of my favorite things ever... Coot babies!!

Ok and just one more...

Good times...

Sisters, Oregon (Part II)

Ok, let's see... After Calliope Crossing I returned to town to find the Pinyon Jays.  I finally located some in a lot across the street from the Best Western.

Most of them seemed rather gray, so probably still juveniles...

In the same lot with the jays was a Hairy Woodpecker... I saw tons of them on my trip, including one that insisted on drumming on a tree next to my tent from dawn till dusk. 

Sunday morning I decided to drive the same forest road I had explored the previous morning.  I hadn't gotten very far when I saw a flash of black and white fly across the road.  I slammed the car into park and dashed (that's right, I dashed) into the woods after it.  I am so glad I did...

Hell yeah!  A White-headed Woodpecker!  This was the number one bird I had hoped to find on this trip!  I was sooooo excited, but sad when he flew off deep into the woods.  I kept driving up the road, stopping to check out some Warbling Vireos, Fox Sparrows, Chipping Sparrows, and such.

This Fox S…

Sisters, Oregon (Part I)

I spent the weekend camping with the dogs near Sisters in central Oregon.  Had a blast, saw tons of birds, can't wait to sleep in my bed... We headed out on Friday when I got off work and made it to Cold Springs Campground by 5:00.

I tied the dogs to the picnic table and went about cooking up some veggie dogs.  Unfortunately Ralph ate all the hot dog buns while I was at work that morning, so it was just veg dogs and spicy mustard.  Not bad, really.  After eating, I took them for a walk around the campground.  Saw Western Tanagers, robins, juncos, flycatchers, and a lone Townsend's Solitaire:

The next morning we got up early and headed over to a forest road a couple miles west of the campground.  FS 1018, I believe.  A Green-tailed Towhee was the first to greet us:

Also along this road were Black-headed Grosbeaks, Mountain Chickadees, mystery empids I am still trying to figure out, and lots of deer.  Back in Sisters I wandered around the Trinity Way area.  Couldn't find the…