Ridgefield NWR 06-22-11

I went up to Ridgefield yesterday morning for a few hours...  Nothing out of the ordinary but lots of cute babies and whatnot.  The first find was this Savannah Sparrow fledgeling...

Great Egrets were feeding in one of the sloughs..

A Pied-billed Grebe baby:

There were tons of Yellow-headed Blackbirds, though I'm not sure if they were females or juveniles...

This heron took a giant crap in the road right in front of me:

Seriously. Giant crap. Farther down the road I watched a flicker shoot out of a nest cavity only to get shooed away by another male. 

And lastly, one of my favorite things ever... Coot babies!!

Ok and just one more...

Good times...


  1. Lovely shots, Jen,all of them! The fluffy Coot babies with their bald crowns are adorable! Love the Yellow-headed Blackbird, have never seen one myself.

  2. ALL great Photos!!!--really enjoyed the babies--those coots have been hit with the ugly stick for sure but only temporary--
    Great shots of the Flickr's
    LOL at the huge crap--an enormous HERON for sure!!

  3. Crazy baby plumage! I plan on taking my kids up to Ridgefield next week. Any recommendations for driving or hiking?

  4. Hey Mike, do you mean just within the refuge or outside of it as well? The auto tour of the refuge is pretty great- always something to see, and often good close-ups. The Kiwa trail is fun but might be too much for young kids, though you can always just do part of it. I've never done the Oaks to Wetlands trail so I can't say much about that. Outside of the refuge, I don't know much! Hope you have a fun trip!

  5. Wonderful shots! That little grebe is adorable!

  6. The coot babies made my day!

  7. Lots of youngin's! I didn't realize that Pied-billed babies had similar coloring as Coot babies, just not the crazy stylist.

  8. Great photos! Those coot babies are adorable!


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