jackson bottom wetlands preserve

i took my first trip out to jackson bottom wetlands preserve in hillsboro this morning... the trail map confused me greatly so the first thing i did was walk directly into kingfisher marsh.  once i realized that was not the trail i walked back to the map, feet soaked and freezing.  it was about 43 degrees which isn't terrible, but still chilly when your feet are wet.  i figured out the trail this time...

looks like a wood duck...  this is the best picture i got of it..

i surprised some pheasants as i came around a corner...

a northern shoveler swimming in pintail pond.

nutria make me laugh every time.  they're just so goofy.

a killdeer and a green-winged teal.

a cute little golden-crowned sparrow!

and lastly, a canada goose... for some reason it looks like i cut him out and pasted him on this picture.

overall it was a fun little visit- next time i'll wear better shoes (duh, it's called "wetlands" so i don't know what i was thinking... ).


  1. Hi Jen
    The Savannah Sparrow is a Golden-crowned Sparrow, very common here in winter though its golden crown is much duller in the winter. The yellow on a SS is around the eyes and face and the SS's breast is streaked with dark stripes. You'll see Savannah Sparrows in grasslands in the spring and summer at Powell Butte Nature Park and Tualatin NWR for example.
    Keep on watching!


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