Ridgefield NWR

I visit Ridgefield way too much!  It's an easy drive because I live two blocks from I-5, plus I can bring my dog, and if I'm feeling lazy I don't even have to get out of the car.. haha.

Same old same old...

I finally found some Cinnamon Teals..

A perfect Double-crested Cormorant.

This pair of Bald Eagles scared the crap out of me screaming from over the bank of the pond.  Seriously it sounded like a baby being killed. They settled in a tree across the field where one of them proceeded to eat something I couldn't identify (a frog maybe?).

I love the look on the face of the eagle to the left..

A pair of Scaups.

A Shoveler?

This hawk was on guard apparently...


  1. I love how Red-tails always sit on KEEP OUT signs! And that duck's bill makes me think it could be a female Northern Shoveler--but a rather ratty one!

  2. Those two eagle shots are superb! Right place at the right time.....

  3. I looked at the full size photo of the geese - I think they are all Canadas - no Cackling. Latter is smaller with much small beak - differences among the geese are probably due to the angle. I've tried to make a lot of "short-necked" CAGO into cacklers. Your teal (?) I think is a shoveler, in molt, or young bird. Looks like a humongous snot. Angles again can be deceiving. Great photo of the eagles. And the red-tail is sitting on the most common sign seen in a wildlife refuge - keep out. I get the feeling that expresses the opinion of managers toward the public. Increasingly, I find the NWRs very visitor unfriendly - and they waste a lot of money building things that don't help seeing birds. My growing peeve - sorry. Good photos!


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