East Coast Birds.

I had planned on returning from my holiday trips back east with at least a few good pictures of birds.  This did not happen.  Instead I have these:

A Mourning Dove behind my parents' house in Connecticut.

A Blue Jay also in Connecticut.

A terrible picture of a female Cardinal.

Some kind of Gull outside the Childrens Museum in Boston, Mass.

Some kind of bird behind my brother's house in Somerville, Mass.

And sadly that was about it... I will hopefully make up for this lull soon with my awesome new camera!


  1. New camera? Whadya get, whadya get?? Cool!

  2. Great shot of the Ring billed Gull -not sure about the little brown jobbie (LBJ) though

  3. One reason to love the Blue Jays in the East is that they are so photogenic, and so cooperative. Also, even an awesome camera will not end your frustration - a bird you really want will be in the shadows, half hidden, fly - but the chances of good pics do improve. Looking forward to the new results.


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