Ridgefield NWR.

I decided to take my new camera up to Ridgefield yesterday morning to try it out.  I've been super sick and it seemed like the least exhausting trip I could take.

It was a beautiful chilly morning up there.  Lots of Red-winged Blackbirds were out. 

Some Northern Pintails..

They look great against the morning sky..

And then there was this Bald Eagle...

I swear Bald Eagles like to mess with me.  This guy posed for a car in front of me, then continued to pose for me, and as soon as I started driving slowly up the road he swooped down next to my window and then back up into a tree.  Luckily the tree was next to the one path that is open this time of year.  So I parked and followed him.

I walked up the path to the bird blind and about 20 seconds later the eagle began swooping down into the water in front of me... It was like he waited till I was ready.

Wish the pictures were a bit clearer, but he was great fun to watch regardless...

This heron and I surprised each other..

Looks like the beavers have been working hard..

An American Coot.

I believe these are Ruddy Ducks.

A pair of Tundra Swans with some Canada Geese behind them.

Another pair of Tundra Swans.

A Rough-legged Hawk.

This picture is a bit blurry but makes me laugh:
They don't look so graceful when landing...

Ok and here is further proof that this eagle wanted to be my friend... He came to say good-bye when I was getting close to the end of the road..

It was definitely a great morning to try out my camera... For those interested, it's a Canon Powershot SX20IS digital camera.  So far so good!


  1. Great photos! I laughed though...I took a photo of the same beaver chewed tree when we were there last week! I just never worked it into my posts. I think we was the eagles at the same place as you. They flew right in front of the blind. Nice pintail pics and you were lucky to see the cutie pie Ruddy Ducks up close! Inquiring minds want to know...what kind of camera did you get?

  2. oops...I see the info about your camera now. Sorry

  3. These are great photos, and for sure that eagle was trying to be your friend! Looks like a fabulous place to bird..I especially like the photo of the heron


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