Vancouver Lake Area.

This morning I headed up to the Vancouver Lake area to walk Jake and take some pictures.  Sadly we saw lots of these signs:

It seems kind of silly that you can still walk into the park, you just have to park down the road.

Lots of Northern Flickers were around..

And there was this cat hanging around where the hunters park... Weird.

I watched this American Kestrel snack on a rodent for awhile..

Gross but cool to watch.

Next I walked Jake down the Frenchman's Bar trail to Vancouver Lake Park...

Of course there was a Bald Eagle there.

But he took off.

This female Common Merganser was having a good hair day...

A pretty pair of Double-crested Cormorants.

I had trouble figuring this guy out, but it appears he's just an intermediate adult Red-tailed Hawk.

This Song Sparrow was just dying for me to take his picture.


  1. i am consistently so impressed by your bird photography...! it's always really good. FYI

  2. I especially liked your kestrel having his snack- what a treat, and a handsome male. Wouldn't it be fun to see him in a couple of months bring a rodent to a female.


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