I always go to Ridgefield thinking I'll be taking the same pictures I've already taken, but this never happens.  I mean, sure I've got a million pictures of herons and geese, but there's always something new I find.

First off is this guy:

Just another Red-tailed Hawk..

This next one I was not ready for and had my camera's settings not right, but you get the idea..
He dove underwater and disappeared right after this picture.  A Pied-billed Grebe?

This harrier came out a lot blurrier than I realized...

And another Red-tailed Hawk that I thought was a Peregrine.. oops!

I'll spare everyone the rest of the same old same old pictures...


  1. Your title caught my eye! Hate birds, no way. We love Oregon and hope to visit next October again.

  2. It takes time, but you will soon figure all of these bird ID's out. I have trouble as well and keep my handy Field Guide to Birds near by, and even then can have problems. I love Birds of Prey and it looks like you are in an area to have many new discoveries coming your way~

  3. Hey Jen,
    Don't know if you are going to the Raptor Road Trip on Sauvie Island tomorrow but it would be a great chance to see more BOP and get instant ID help from the volunteers. Here's the scoop: http://audubonportland.org/raptor/raptor
    Yeah, it'll be crowded and it costs $10 but it could be fantastic! I volunteer every year and will be stationed at the last stop, Rentenaar Road.
    Your first bird is a young Red-tail. The tell-tale pattern is dark head, light chest, dark belly band and lighter below the belly. A Cooper's would have streaking all the way down from chin to belly. The degree of dark on a red-tail is highly variable and, thus, your final bird is not a falcon but another Red-tail. A Peregrine would have a black "helmeted" look to its head with bright yellow around the eye and beak. Also more barring all the way down the belly. You WILL see one if you keep going to Ridgefield but you will also see many many red tails!
    Have fun!

  4. looks like a pied-bill - you've had some good birding


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