Ridgefield NWR 04-24-10

I went up to Ridgefield yesterday afternoon and found some new things!

Turtles! The one in the middle is making the best turtle face.

A Wilson's Snipe peeking through the grass..

I had never seen California Quail before, but I'm sure they're pretty common.  Very cool.

Also lots of Bald Eagles around...

Good trip!


  1. Jen: I saw the turtles too! And I have a photo on the same culvert. I was thinking I should have checked your blog before going...you go so often and see all the good stuff. I was hoping to see an owl, but we didn't. Tons of YR Warblers though, they were dripping from the trees. We plan to go again soon when the trail opens in May. I've heard it's a really good time to walk the trail. I'll post some more pics soon. Love your blog!

  2. Love the little Quail curls! and great shot of the snipe which are very difficult to see and usually quite wary


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