Ridgefield NWR 04-29-10

I headed up to Ridgefield yesterday morning hoping for a decent break from the rain/hail/thunderstorms/etc.   I only saw a sprinkle the whole time.

What is this fuzzy duck? Young Gadwall or something?

This Ruddy Duck just cruised through the pond.

A Wilson's Snipe.

I sure do love to watch birds eat dead stuff.  I saw this crow swoop down in my side-view mirror and I poked my head out the window to see him carry off this...uh... thing.

I don't think I've ever seen a crow "hunt" like this.. Maybe I just never pay them much attention..

A Sora!  I had never seen one before... This guy was running through the marsh and this was the best picture I got...

Good trip!   I wish I had seen the Black-necked Stilt that had been sighted just the day before!


  1. You take terrific photos - and the Sora is a really good bird to see & photo - previous post suggests your shorebird migration is way sooner than ours in the east - hope to see them when I get to Cape May in a week.

  2. Common Snipe was split into two species a few years ago. The Eurasian species is still referred to as Common Snipe, while the species in North America is now called Wilson's Snipe. Nice photos.

  3. Thank you for the snipe info! I will change my ID's accordingly..

  4. I love that Ruddy Duck photo! And congratulations on getting your first Sora!


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