Birding in the rain.

I've been almost completely foiled on my last three attempts to look for birds... First was last Sunday when I decided to check out Steigerwald NWR in Washington.  Started pouring and came home soaked and annoyed with blurry pictures of a Western Tanager.  Boo. 

Oh and this starling was cute..

And ok, fine, I got an okay picture of a Spotted Towhee:

Yesterday afternoon I tried to visit Sauvie Island's Wapato Access Greenway Trail.  Started pouring.  Then it stopped. Then thunder and more pouring.  Came home soaked with blurry pictures of a raccoon and a couple of bunnies.  Boo.

Good birding just hasn't been in the cards for me!  Today I was going to go up to Ridgefield before work, but no, it was pouring.  I watched the feeders a bit instead... A feeder my neighbor has in our shared yard actually got a real bird!!  (Real meaning not a sparrow or a finch or a starling)

Yay!!! Some color in the trees!  I almost forgot it's still raining.....